Talamanca Reserve

Shaped like a triangle, this densely forested area includes almost three percent of the world’s known plant and animal species, many of which are found only here. Extending from one of the highest points in the country (Alto Teliere) to near the capital, Bribri, the natural beauty of Talamanca includes cloud forests, steep mountainsides, rich jungle terrain, mid-altitude and lowland rainforests, large expanses of wetlands.

Project Talamanca was created in 2005 by Dr. Peter Aborn to help bring needed supplies to tribes of indigenous Bribri and Cabecare tribes whose homes were destroyed by massive flooding. Some 46,000 persons affected by flooding include more than 5,000 people who were unable to return to their homes. At least 35 communities lost access to the outside world, cut off by the flooding.

Project Talamanca delivered 4000 lbs+ of food, soap, disinfectant and 1000 gallons of bottled water to inhabitants from more than 30 villages, seeking help to survive and feed their families. Dr. Peter Aborn, was recognized by CNN in 2009 as one of 100 CNN Heroes, a program that searches out unsung heroes around the world who give exceptional service to others.

Today, Acts of Goodness is pleased to partner with Project Talamanca to provide needed dental services to the people of the Talamanca Reserve. Many of these people walk through dense jungle for more than 6 days to find dental care. Project Talamanca provides critical dental care to children, adults and the elderly suffering from advanced periodontal disease, tooth loss, and advanced tooth decay.

By choosing Goodness Dental, your support helps provide diagnosis, cleanings and restorative dental care to thousands living in poverty. Your support also helps us work with schools to provide education in oral health and nutrition and to find solutions for preschool children suffering from tooth decay and advanced periodontal disease as well as older children suffering from lost teeth, uneven bites and severe dental misalignment and trauma.