Patient Reviews and Testimonials

  • Javan Viltz
    "Very good experience. All the doctors and staff were very pleasant, professional and helpful. Great communication. They didn’t suggest work for you that wasn’t needed. Clean facility in a great area. Price is unbeatable. I recommend ANYONE to come to Goodness Dental to have dental work."
    Javan Viltz
  • My wife received a price in Florida for necessary dental work that needed to be done to fix her serious dental issues. They quoted us $18,000.00 for a bridge, fillings and other issues. We contacted Goodness Dental, and supplied them with panoramic images and previous dental records. My wife discussed the entire process with Dr. Peter Aborn, who was able to assemble a plan of care at a fraction of the cost in the USA. In addition, due to time restraints, Patrick Goodness and his team were able to get the custom implants for the bridge back from the lab in time for us to complete the procedure and make or trip back home.

    I found out about 2 months before our trip that I too needed some dental work (Crown, Root Canal and Extraction). I was able to prolong the work until I could make it to Costa Rica with my wife, and the price charged was also a fraction of the price quoted in the USA.

    Because I have businesses, it was necessary for me to work while on this trip. Patrick saw that I needed a spot, and allowed me to use an empty office to take care of my work. He went above and beyond what any business needs to do to be successful. They had us picked up from the airport and taken to the hotel to make this the best possible experience possible.

    The facility is a newly constructed building with first class equipment. I have nothing but praise for the owner, dentists, surgeons, receptionists and the entire staff of great people that make up Goodness Dental.

    I encourage any interested patients to contact me if you are considering Goodness Dental. This is one of the better decisions that I've ever made.
    – John Schneider
  • David Charon
    This place was by far the most caring and considerate place we could have ever been. My husband had major work to be done and we received excellent professional care. From the first contact to the airport, hotel, clinics and hospital, every staff member made my husband feel as if he was the number one priority of the day. They use all the finest technology and the work is first rate!   We can’t say enough about Sue, Karen, Fernanda, Andres and the entire team. Everyone of these people called at one time or another to check on my husband. You don’t get care like this in the states!
    David Charon
  • Patient Testimonial

    I like it here at Goodness Dental. They were great to help out in every way, they even sent a driver for me every time I needed one. The surgeon was an absolute expert – he got my surgery done in about 2 hours and 45 minutes. I felt better immediately after the surgery, I had a lot of infection in my teeth.

    After they installed my temporary teeth, they kept working with me until they got the teeth to function correctly. I recommend for people to come here from the United States or anywhere else; to have their dental work done. You are definitely in good hands at Goodness Dental in Costa Rica. See you in a few months, my new friends in Costa Rica!
    – Robert Easley
  • Goodness Dental is an awesome place to have dental work done. Peter reassured me when I initially spoke to him about coming to Costa Rica for our dental work that they could accomplish the work we needed to have done better than it would be done in the US and at significantly less than what we would pay in the US and that has definitely turned out to be true!

    They have excellent specialists to meet every need, they are all incredible people that have become like family and they are all very caring people. I can't say enough good things about this company. Everyone speaks English, they transported us to and from the airport and from our hotel. They recommended some sites to see around Costa Rica and Jeffrey was our excellent tour guide.

    In other words, they offer an amazing complete service opportunity and I highly recommend them!

    Rhonda Wyatt
  • Patient Testimonials Costa Rica
    I researched several clinics and Goodness Dental kept coming out on top. The information sent by Dr. Aborn helped alot. Dr. Karen was very helpful and friendly! We could not have navigated to all the appointments and picked up our meds without her! We also laughed allot with her! We arrived on Mother's Day in Costa Rica, and they got us settled at our hotel and brought us to the office for our exams, even though it was a national holiday. The patient coordinators were here with us and finished the exams, getting us ready for work to begin the next day. it was a long day for everyone, but they were all so positive and helpful.

    The next few days were busy for us all, but because of their great organization, everything went very well. Everything was so positive. All of our questions were answered as they came up and we never felt like they were trying to rush anything. I was sedated for my extractions and implants. The surgeon and anesthesiologist totally put me at ease and took time with me afterwards to make sure of my comfort as I woke up. They were at my side and very caring through the whole thing. Our dentists at Goodness Dental spent much more time with us than our doctors at home. Each doctor answered every question and concern. Going to the dentist is not a "fun" experience, but I believe they made it come pretty close.
    – Dawn Wagenshutz
  • William Dempsey
    The treatment and care was outstanding. The treatment, surgery, implants and temporaries, was professionally performed. Dr. Julian Sesin, who performed the surgery was great. He was extremely competent and most considerate of my condition throughout the procedure. Dr. Daniel Alfaro took impression and installed the temporaries. Both doctors went out of their way to do the follow up adapting to my travel schedule. I cannot say enough about these men; they are highly skilled and demonstrated great compassion throughout the entire experience.

    Dr. Karen Yurell who coordinated the work was a pleasure to work with. She has a wonderful personality and her positive attitude contributed to the success of the procedure. The process has been a total success and I highly recommend Goodness Dental for implant surgery.
    – William Dempsey

Paula Clark

I recommend Goodness Dental without reservation! The dentists and specialists are superb, and everyone is kind and friendly. They make the patients feel comfortable and cared for. My experience here has been excellent in every way!

Brenda Wacker

They are the nicest people that I ever had the pleasure of working on my teeth and I was afraid of dentist. The doctors have all been very nice and qualified. I will come back Costa Rica just to see them. I recommend Goodness Dental for any dental work.

Cordell Brown

"It was exactly as was promised and what I expected. I remember this level of patient care in the United States, unfortunately it was decades ago. Today you feel like a number, not here. The staff is very professional and I would recommend Goodness Dental to anyone."

– Kenneth Grandville

Completed phase 2 of total restoration today and totally pleased with results and care given. 5 star team!

– Tracey Schenck

Thank you Goodness Dental for making a complicated situation simple. There is always a solution to a problem and my team created that solution. Dr. Andres’ patience was kind and never ending (even after biting him, on accident of course!) Dr. Karen was always present and full of honesty, thank you for working with me. Gracias!

Ellis Randolph

"This is now my second visit. I came for my crowns over implants. It was a great experience with Goodness Dental! Everything went very well and was exactly as suggested. I also feel like I have made some very good friends!"

Mark Jaffray

Goodness Dental formulated a plan to restore my missing teeth. Did the work and i could not be happier with the results. Karen was very clear about each step and made sure I understood what was going to occur. Everyone involved in my care very impressive, professionals. I would recommend Goodness to everyone.

– Bronwyn Wrobel

My experience at Goodness Dental has been, exceptional in every way. Communicating with Sue over email made the entire experience easy, efficient and pleasant. Peter Aborn called me and talked with me for nearly an hour about my teeth. That’s never happened to me in the U.S.A.

Once I arrived, I was impressed with the facility, the technology and most importantly, the staff. They are kind, intelligent, meticulous professionals and almost all of them speak perfect English. I had to bring my 3 year old daughter to two appointments and the staff played with her and kept her entertained while I had my teeth. worked on. The staff listened to my thoughts and requests about the procedures which I really appreciated because I feel like my dentist in the U.S. doesn’t listen or even ask me what I want. The prices were astonishingly low compared to what I was quoted by my regular dentist and the final results exceeded my expectations.

I’m already recommending Goodness Dental to my friends and family and other travelers that I’ve met here while vacationing in Costa Rica in between appointments. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to get my dental work done here!

– Rebecca Jones

I have now finished my 2nd phase of treatment. I had a difficult case with a collapsed jaw and was worried about the final outcome. Before I came to Goodness Dental, you could not see that I had any teeth when I smiled.

I am VERY happy to say, they have exceeded my expectations and now I have beautiful teeth that are perfect! The whole staff was very accommodating and made you feel like family. Everyone spoke very good English and there were no problems in understanding the plan. I highly recommend Dental Goodness for your dental needs.

– Alan Marusiak

I highly recommend Goodness Dental in Costa Rica – Great staff, very professional, very caring.

A huge thanks you to Dr Karen-Dr Aborn, Dr Andrés, Dr Josué… to all staff, to everyone in Goodness Dental! You get to take a holiday in beautiful Costa Rica and save over 50 or 60% of the cost of Dental Care in Canada.

I look forward to coming back to Costa Rica in 6 months to receive my permanent bridge and seeing my friends – especially Dr Karen and Dr Andrés. See you soon guys!!

- Shirley Greene

I am extremely pleased with the results of my implants and crowns. The Dentist and staff were so kind and reassuring all through my treatment. I am looking forward to returning for my final appointment. Thank you to my new friends in Costa Rica!

- Janna Sedlier

I had wonderful time at Goodness Dental. All the wonderful work they did on my teeth. I had implants on upper and lower jaws. Doctors are so professional, very caring, gentle and friendly. Loved my experience at Goodness Dental.

One of the greatest thing is cost of the treatments – they are significantly less than in US. Love everything!

– Patty Delaney

I am very satisfied with the attention and care I received and I can say this office is like no other. The entire staff are professional and personable. I look forward to phase 2 of my treatment.

- Polli Murphy

Goodness Dental is as it’s name states…GOOD dental care ( great actually), GOOD staff (fabulous actually) and GOOD (terrific actually) results. My All On Five upper and lower is better than I hoped for. For GOODNESS sake come here for any work you need!

- Larry Gell

I’m as happy as can be. The dentists here have been trained in some of the best dental schools in the US. I felt no pain whatsoever – and I feel great!