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Dental Implants Costa Rica
Dental Implants Costa Rica
Dental Implants Costa Rica

"Terrific experience!

Like most Americans, I was hesitant to consider dental work in another country. I am very glad I took the leap. Everyone in the practice was exemplary. Dr. Peter Aborn took one look at my panoramic x-ray and diagnosed a problem that had been bothering me since the late 1980s. Every 6 months I would ask my dentist in Texas about a tender tooth. Each time I was told they didn't see anything. Peter saw it immediately - and it was the x-ray taken by my dentist in Texas. They had to perform surgery due to an impacted wisdom tooth. I felt better immediately, even though I had to heal from the surgery.

Amazing! I received diagnostics or services from the periodontist, the prosthodontist, the oral surgeon and the general dentist. My work was facilitated by Dr. Karen Yurell. She was available 24/7 and answered any questions or concerns immediately - so helpful. Patrick and Terri Goodness, the owners, were great! They were both very helpful when I needed assistance with transportation and lodging. Really above and beyond.

When I came back from CR, I had great smile and new friends. I look forward to going back to San Jose to visit."

– Amy McIntyre