Iridology and Live Blood Analysis


Iridology is a safe, non-invasive diagnostic tool. It is used to provide a comprehensive overview of your health and well-being. Iridology allows homeopathic providers to formulate effective, individualized natural treatment plans and sensible wellness support programs.

An iridology assessment provides the trained iridologist with information about the root causes of ailments, strengths and weaknesses of all organ systems and tissues within the body, as well as genetic inherited disease patterns. In short, Iridology provides a general picture of your overall state of health.

The great advantage of iridology is that it also provides information about the status of vital processes in the body. By vital processes we mean both disease causing (e.g. poor waste clearance) and health maintaining processes (e.g. blood circulation).


Iridology allows us to detect signs of biochemical and physiological needs and changes in the body before symptoms of disease appear. This provides a basic framework to describe the pathway to a current illness or disease and to explain the course of past or potential future disease processes. With these tests, an iridologist can explain potential problems and devise improved treatment or health supporting protocols. Iridology helps patients understand basic health issues and how to improve their health including preventative health measures.

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul. With iridology, the eyes are also the window to the body, helping us see inside the body to gain insights into the best natural solutions to improved health and wellness.


A single drop of blood drawn painlessly from your finger serves as the foundation for a wide spectrum of analytic tests. Darkfield microscopy allows the technician to observe multiple vitamin and mineral deficiencies, toxicity, and tendencies toward allergic reaction, excess fat circulation, liver weakness and conditions that favor arteriosclerosis.

Blood is magnified by 30,000 times, allowing the technician to assess how the body is compensating to its environment and to monitor your progression during treatment. Live blood cell analysis is not a diagnostic tool to determine or treat specific diseases. It is best used as a complementary tool to help determine the optimal diet and most effective supplementation (enzymes, herbs, antioxidants, etc.).

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