Did you know?

Americans have 500 million vacation
days per year left unused?
Don't waste another second of those vacation days. It's time to plan a dental vacation...to Costa Rica!

Costa Rica is a peaceful country located in Central America and is ranked as one of the most visited international destinations. We have had no standing army since 1949 and are under the protection of the United States. The main language spoken is Spanish, however many now speak English in the larger cities.

One of the main economic sources is tourism – and we boast 5 percent of the existing biodiversity in the entire world. Even though we are a small country (covering only .03 of the earth's surface), Costa Rica is composed of 26 percent conservation and natural protected territory.

Costa Rica also offers a high standard of modern services and social and political stability. It is a democracy and has one of the highest public healthcare developments in Latin America.


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