Dental Restoration Process

Thank you for choosing Goodness Dental for your dental care. We promise to provide you with the very best dental care. Part of our responsibility is helping you understand the details of our process.

The diagnostic process for any restoration may include photographs, x-rays, diagnostic models, CT scans, tests, etc. If the patient can send these items to us during the treatment plan development process, it will help our specialists develop the most concise and accurate treatment plan. If the patient does not have these items, the patient may need to get them when they arrive to help our team create an accurate treatment plan.

During the planning process, our team of specialists will prepare a proposal for services that will outline the details of your planned treatment. Patients should note that the final proposed budget is an estimate. If the treatment plan changes, the budget will also likely change. Any necessary changes will be attached to the initial treatment plan and will be explained in detail. The patient always reserves the right to accept or decline these changes.


• The dental prostheses such as crowns, bridges and dentures are made by a dental laboratory. We will work with the dental lab to meet patient treatment schedules. However, occasionally the dental lab experiences a delay that may affect the delivery of your restorations, that may delay your dental care. Please note that these delays are not due to Goodness Dental delays. We ask for your patience and understanding during these delays.

• From time to time, the dental lab may need to make adjustments to ensure that your restorations meet our high standards. These adjustments are usually quick and efficient. However, if the adjustment is more complex, it may cause delays to the dental care process as originally scheduled. We will do our best to keep the patient advised of any delays. We are grateful for your understanding as we seek to provide you with the highest quality work and materials.

• After any adjustments, the patient will be asked to approve the final work. If there are any concerns, the patient should express these concerns to Goodness Dental during the treatment process. Our specialists will do their best to ensure your complete satisfaction. If additional changes to the restoration are required, we will coordinate these changes with the dental lab as expeditiously as possible.


• Routine maintenance and care for your restorations is essential to long-term use and health. You will need to seek routine care to keep the restorations in good condition. Ideally, you will seek follow-up care from Goodness Dental. If you are unable to return to Goodness Dental for ongoing maintenance, please seek a qualified specialist for ongoing maintenance and care.

• If you suffer from dental issues or have any discomfort, we recommend that you inform Goodness Dental as soon as possible to coordinate follow-up care.

• Habits like smoking, biting pens, finger nails, biting seeds, bones, opening bottles with your teeth, biting ice, etc. may result in damage to your restoration and will void your guarantee. We encourage patients to take special care with their restorations to ensure long-term use and health.

• If you visit another dental clinic for an adjustment or treatment that affects the restoration, the guarantee will be nullified and voided. Patients with bruxism must use an occlusal splint every night to maintain the restoration.