Bite-Wing X-Rays in Costa Rica

Bitewing X-rays are a type of oral X-ray to assess a patient’s oral health in a specific area of the mouth. Bitewing X-rays are common dental X-rays used for patient diagnostics. If you’ve ever received a dental X-ray, chances are that you have received a bitewing.

During the process, your dentist will show you an X-ray film that includes a small tab. This is placed inside the patient’s mouth. The patient bites down on the wing tab of the film. The patient must hold very still while the doctor positions the X-ray device to take the images. The developed film will show several upper and lower teeth as their roots.

When does a dentist use bitewing X-rays?

A dentist might order a bite-wing X-ray on various areas of the mouth which may include; closeups of teeth that have been repaired to confirm if the repair was done properly and if it is healing like it should. A bite-wing X-ray may also be ordered when dental procedures such as fillings or extractions have been completed on a patient.

If you have a small mouth, you may find a bitewing X-ray a little uncomfortable. Experienced clinics often have several X-ray options to offer increased comfort. Goodness Dental offers patients a full equipped radiology department with several X-ray options, including bitewings, CT scans, panoramic images and more. Our experienced radiology staff offers patients helpful tips to make the most of your short time in the radiology lab.

Why is a bite-wing X-ray necessary?

A bite-wing X-ray may reveal signs of dental problems that may be obscured during a dental examination. Today, before any major treatment, a full set of X-rays should be taken. However, with minor care, dentists recommend X-rays only when necessary and appropriate.

A bite-wing X-ray can reveal information about how teeth are developing and taking shape within your mouth. Bite-wing X-rays also reveal signs of tooth decay that may be present in your mouth. When oral problems are detected in time, your dentist can treat you quickly and help avoid more costly and painful dental procedures.

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