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1What is an All on 4?

If you have multiple missing teeth, discolored or damaged teeth and may be considering dentures, a full mouth restoration with a fixed denture using an all on 4 procedure may be an option. An all on 4 simply means that the fixed denture is permanently secured using 4 dental implants on the upper jawbone and 4 dental implants on the lower jawbone.

Instead of dentures which are loose and must be removed for cleaning, an all on 4 uses dental implants, which will fuse with your jawbone. The fixed dentures are secured for a permanent set of teeth. The process typically requires at least two visits, but the end result is a fixed solution that looks, feels, and works just like natural teeth.

For most patients with average jawbones, four implants provide enough stability and strength to support a fixed dental bridge for a lifetime. Today, the all on 4 is the most recommended dental implant solution for international patients coming to Costa Rica.

2What dental implant brands do you offer?
3Why do I need to wait 4-6 months for my permanent teeth?

When you receive your dental implants, we will send you home with a beautiful set of temporary teeth. They will look so good that everyone will think they are real. These temporary teeth have a lifespan of 6 months.

During these four- six months, your dental implants will need to heal and integrate into your jawbone. This process is called osseointegration. In short, it means that your jawbone will grow through your dental implants, fusing your implants to your jaw for life.

Your surgeon and Patient Coordinator can tell you exactly how long you will need to wait for your permanent teeth. However, as a general rule, your upper arch requires 6 months to fuse completely and your lower arch will require only 4 months.

4Can I save expense by providing my xrays and scans to you?

The price for the packet of Ct Scan and 2 panoramics has a cost of $175. If you come with the initial Ct and Panoramic you don't have to pay for it, but they cannot be older than 3 months.

5How do I send you my Xrays?

We find that a lot of patients can easily send the Xrays digitally – via The process is simple:

  1. Go to
  2. Select the "Free" option
  3. Click to add your files and follow the directions
  4. Add your Patient Coordinator's email address, then fill in your email address
  5. Write a message – and click Send!
6How many days will I likely need to stay for Stage 1?

We recommend that patients plan to stay for at least two additional days after we have completed our care to allow time for rest and healing. These two days also allow us time to make any final adjustments to ensure an ideal fit.

Please speak with the Patient Coordinator to determine the exact number of days to plan for your stay in Costa Rica. However, you may use the following as a general guideline.

Typical Timeline:

  • Day 1: Xrays, Clnical Exam, Consultation w/Prosthodontist & Surgeon
  • Day 2: Surgery (Lab work to create temporaries)
  • Day 3: Recovery (Lab work to create temporaries)
  • Day 4: Recovery & Place Temporaries (or on Day 5)
  • Day 5: Free time to Day 9
  • Day 9: Check Healing & Bite
  • Day 10: Final Check up
7How many days will I likely need to stay for Stage 2?

12 business days is needed for Stage 2.

Please speak with the Patient Coordinator to determine the exact number of days to plan for your stay in Costa Rica.

8How much pain is typical after each phase?

This really depends upon the patient. Our specialists meet with you discuss your pain tolerance and your medical history. They create a custom pain management plan so you feel as little pain as possible.

9After the final implants are in place, do they ever need to be removed by a dentist for cleaning?

You should make sure you are scheduling a cleaning once a year with your dentist for your All on 4. He or she can remove the structure, clean it and then replace it.

You should have a regular dental cleaning every 6 months.

10Do you choose the style of teeth and color, or are they standard?

All of our work is custom for each patient. We make sure you have the size, color and shape of tooth that fits your specific case. We don't proceed with the plan until you have approved it every step of the way. Our specialists will make recommendations and work through the exact look you would like for your smile. If you want a gap in your teeth – they can even provide that!

11What guarantees do you offer?

At Goodness Dental, we work with the leading specialists, and we stand behind all of our work. We offer a Lifetime Guarantee on dental implants, and a limited guarantee on our crowns, bridges, dentures and other restorations.

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