Patrick Goodness

Patient Communications Manager

Patrick is an entrepreneur with heart. He saw the need for a compassionate dental clinic to care for the needs of Americans that need a high-quality alternative to high-priced dental care in the USA.

After years of research and planning, Patrick launched Goodness Dental, and with great satisfaction, has achieved remarkable clinical success. Under his guidance and direction, Goodness Dental is now ranked as one of the top ten clinics in the world. Patrick can often be found in his clinic office, talking with patients or working with his team toward a goal of continual improvement.

Patrick also lectures on ancient mythologies and comparative global religions and operates a marketing agency and a rental property company. Patrick also offers consultation services for companies seeking success in the medical and dental tourism sector. He loves classic cars and travels frequently, having visited and lectured in more than 120 countries around the globe. His real loves however are found at home with his beautiful wife Terri and his two amazing children Harrison & Ava.