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Dr. Andres Brenés

Chief Prosthodontist

Dr. Daniel Alfaro


Dr. Mauricio Madrigal


Dr. Melissa Jiménez


Dr. Jorge Santamaría

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Patient Testimonials:
"I came here to Goodness Dental because all my top teeth were a mess. I needed full implants up top. The staff has been incredible, the doctors are incredible. The work was just impeccable. I would highly recommend it."
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Patient Testimonials:
"I would highly recommend it. As a physician practicing in the United States, the training here is top. It's just as good as the US. It's having the experience and the right technology, and they have that here."
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Patient Testimonials:
"I came to Costa Rica to Goodness Dental and I've had a fantastic experience. I was very nervous when I came in and the staff made me feel very comfortable from the beginning. The doctors were very thorough and told me every step that they were doing with me. You will have a fantastic experience!"
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Patient Testimonials:
"I was recommended to come to Costa Rica for my dental work. I settled on Goodness Dental for my dental work and I'm so happy I did. I was missing a large portion of my teeth for almost a year and a half and today I got my final crowns. For the first time in a year and a half, I can smile with confidence."
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Patient Testimonials:
"Goodness Dental did a really awesome job. The things that they did for me [i.e. getting groceries, providing face masks for my wife who is a nurse] was just tremendous. Definitely the number one clinic, best dental office, I've ever been to!"


Dr. Karen Yurell

Patient Coordination

(866) 367-6835

Dr. Carlos Fiorito

Patient Coordination

(866) 260-5196

Ana Morales

Patient Coordination

(888) 256-1768

Milena Chaves

Patient Coordination

(844) 854-6824

Dr. Clyde Waggoner

Director of Patient Services

(866) 290-6341


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